Gourmet Tour of Portugal with a Chef

2021 Northern Portugal program

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A once in a lifetime trip

If you love grand landscapes, excellent food and experiences not provided by Google, this is your trip. The adventure begins!


Day 1. Spain – Porto – Viana do Castelo

To Lusitania

This is a unique trip, for women who love gourmet food and want to experience the real northern Portugal! We will leave Spain early in the morning accompanied by chef Belén Laguía and fly to one of the world’s most fashionable cities: Porto. Upon our arrival, we will travel to Viana do Castelo, the world’s largest fishing port for cod, a delicious fish that will be ever-present on this trip. After visiting this beautiful city that started out as a royal residence, we will be served a delicious meal using chocolate as one of its principal ingredients, fully immersing ourselves in the gourmet portion of this tour. In the evening, we will retire to our magical stately mansion.


Day 2. Ponte de Lima

Discovering wineries and chocolate

Today we will wake up as the nobility did in times past, surrounded by French-style gardens and antique décor. We will enjoy a special day-long tour of Ponte de Lima, one of Portugal’s oldest towns, known for its magical atmosphere. This medieval town produces excellent wines and cured meats, so today we will discover these two products with the help of one of our local hostesses. In the afternoon, we will visit its monuments and award-winning gardens.


Day 3. Braga – Guimaraes

Northern Portugal icons

Northern Portugal is chock-full of history, and one of its iconic cities is Braga, the city of archbishops. In the morning, we will explore the town’s hidden treasures and sample its sweets as well as the numerous cod dishes that have made this city famous. We will stop for lunch at a local eatery where we will enjoy Portuguese hospitality and dishes whose recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. In the afternoon, we will travel to Guimaraes, another authentically Portuguese town of the north, which boasts stunning castles and palaces left behind by the Braganza dynasty. In the evening we will head to our Palace, where we will sleep as royals would.


Day 4. Marco de Canaveses

Looking for castles

Today will be time to relax and enjoy the incomparable natural setting of this area and its local cuisine. In the morning, we’ll take a short stroll through the forests which witnessed the development of one of the region’s most important Roman settlements, known as Tongóbriga. Afterwards, we will meet our first local inspiring women, who will introduce us to the world of artisanal preserves, characterised by their elusive flavours. With them we will learn the secrets of this art, passed down from mothers to daughters. After this visit, we will try this region’s famous sweet roll, a delicacy which attracts foodies all the way from Porto. In the afternoon, surrounded by antique décor and gardens with a view, we will enjoy some free time before hearing a talk on cuisine and literature given by our chef. And to cap off the day, we will participate in a cooking workshop with our cicerone, a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Day 5. Porto

Sweet and relaxing experiencies

The time has come to discover one of the country’s most famous wine-producing city: Porto. If we want to take a first-rate gourmet tour of Portugal, then it is only natural that we visit Porto to learn how its world-famous canned preserves are made. After this adventure, we will enjoy a tasting session featuring wines created by women winemakers and guided by an expert. We will visit street markets where one can still see free-ranging hens and enjoy a meal of fish personally selected by tour participants. In the afternoon, we will pay a visit to the Fundación Serralves, one of the city’s best museums for lovers of contemporary art. In the evening  if the group so wishes, we will make the most of our time here and enjoy a special wine-paired dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and meet its talented female chef (cost of the dinner is not included).

Accommodation and breakfast.

Day 6. Porto

Secret corners of the city

In the morning, we will explore the secret corners of this magical city, as well as its most iconic monuments. We will stop for a cup of coffee and a piece of bolhao de laranja (orange-flavoured pound cake) at a famous café in the city before embarking on a tour of traditional gourmet shops with our chef, as we learn about and sample some local delicacies. After lunch, we will visit a winery boasting a long history in the region and then stop for a Port wine tasting with a top sommelier from the area, at a spot with the best views and sunsets in Porto. The remainder of the afternoon is free; visitors can go shopping by the docks and in the city’s fashionable boutiques.

Accommodation and breakfast.

Day 7. Douro Valley

To the land of the Douro

Northern Portugal is known for being the land of the Douro D.O.C. (Denominação de Origem Controlada) wine appellation, as well as its magnificent river, which snakes through miles of terraced vineyards. Today, we will take a tour of the area via train to Pinhao, travelling along the river and crossing the region’s extensive vineyards. Travelling by rail is probably the best way to enjoy the grand landscapes found here. Upon our arrival, we will take a cruise on a small private boat where our Cicerone will talk to us about the wines from the area and the history of the region. Afterwards, we will have lunch at a glamorous restaurant before heading out to learn the history of one of the area’s most fascinating women. We will visit an 18th-century Quinta or typical Portuguese hacienda that drove the growth of this industry, nestled among vineyards with breathtaking vistas, while we continue sampling the region’s finest delicacies. Afterwards, we will travel to our Quinta surrounded by countryside for a well-deserved rest.


Day 8. Douro Valley

Magic landscapes of Douro river valley

This is the perfect area for spending a day visiting local producers of the many delicious foods the region offers. We will lose ourselves in these towns, tasting breads, cheeses and many other local treats. At the same time, we will immerse ourselves in the special natural landscape so characteristic of the Douro River valley. In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to rest and then enjoy a talk about local cuisine, offered by our chef.


Day 9. Douro Valley

Cooking with flowers

As this is our last day by the Douro river, we have prepared a special series of outings. Our adventure will begin with a visit with an inspiring woman and entrepreneur who will talk to us about her business and reveal the secrets of cooking with flowers, sampling some of these dishes in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. In the afternoon, if time permitting, we will visit the Port Wine Museum and nearby towns to experience some of the most stunning landscapes of the valley. In the evening we will conclude our tour with a surprise that will be enjoyed by all.


Day 10. Douro Valley – Spain

Back to home

We will have the entire morning to ourselves, so that we can bid farewell to the Douro river valley as we choose, saying goodbye to its marvellous landscapes, foods and inspiring women. After this relaxing morning, we will then head out to the Porto airport in the early afternoon to catch our return flight home. Return to Spain and end of trip. But we will be back!

Traveler Opinion

«A surprising tour with such welcoming people, interesting activities, charming hotels, fun travel buddies and full of life. In short, the tour of my dreams.”

Services Included


Belén Laguía

B.A. In Fine Arts, chef, entrepreneur, author and food expert, Belén is a true Renaissance woman. She is a taster interested in how people express themselves when they cook, how villages organise themselves around their markets, and how our memories are shaped by taste. For her, this represents a fascinating language that can help us understand culinary influences and techniques, landscapes and people scapes, as well as the driving force behind her travels abroad, seeing it all with different eyes.She is currently a member of the Murcia Academy of Gastronomy, collaborating with numerous media channels offering wine tastings, as well as writing articles and cooking for friends.

Tour Cicerone: Belén Laguia (chef, author and food expert).

Gatherings and activities with local guides.

Various cooking courses and conference-talks on cuisine and literature offered by our cicerone.

9 nights at a 5-star hotel and Quintas Boutique hotel, half-board, double room.

Transfers using private transportation.

Train journey and outing in private boat.

Various tasting sessions featuring local products.

Various wine tastings offered by experts in unique set- tings

Travel and cancellation insurance up to €2,500.

• We can help you book your international air ticket, if you wish.

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OPORTO: Hotel Infante Do Sagres*****

Luxury hotel located in the centre of Porto. Recently renovated, its interior filled with art and antique décor. Located in one of the city’s oldest buildings, this hotel offers many services and avant-garde cuisine.

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