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Tours for Women

Feel the thrill of a unique travel experience with a small, select group of women as culturally inquisitive as you are. Visit authentic travel destinations and meet the inspiring women who will imbue each tour with creativity, enjoyment, art, culture and many more experiences off the beaten track.

Become inspired by our accompanying Cicerones and follow your dreams as part of a tour designed just for you. In 2018 travelling will be more than just a mere tour, it’ll be living and experiencing new emotions.

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FOW Experience

“For me, this tour represented a fantastic opportunity to visit different places in India that were quite interesting and little known, travelling comfortably as part of a small group of 5 people a real privilege. What motivated me to do it was the name Focus on Women and the itinerary offered. Right from the beginning they inspired trust and I did not hesitate to sign up. It was absolutely worth it, and it has awakened within me the desire to see more of this diverse country, India. It was an unforgettable experience, a unique tour and highly recommended”. Gela

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