If you are a woman, we invite you to travel solo throughout the world with a selected group of women

We contact women who want to travel alone with each other around the planet

Travelling is sharing

We are living at a time where one is free to travel solo around the world, wherever your intuition takes you. As a woman you can travel alone because you are worth it, but there are certain destinations where you would love to travel with other people. Our travel philosophy is to feel more, to see things in another light, to laugh with joy and live more intensely through unique experiences as part of a small, select group of people. Travelling solo with Focus On Women is a way to make new female friends as culturally inquisitive as you are. It’s deeply discovering the feminine side of different lands, sharing experiences with other women which are founded on creativity, art and culture, always off the beaten track.

Privileged tours from a femenine perspetive

Discover the most incredible destinations guided by the main characters of them

Founder of Focus on Women, economist and opera singer. She specialises in the Arab world and culture. Creator of the FOW destinations and a great traveller. Her motto is: carpe diem and follow your dreams.

As one of the first women journalists in Spain, Rosa María Calaf has been a pioneer in her profession. Her knowledge and curiosity about the world know no limits. Travelling with her to Japan is truly a unique opportunity.

A writer and novelist, Emma has done almost everything there is to do. She has travelled across Africa from one end to the other, she has flown with an ultralight glider, she has crossed countries in a shabby car and has seen revolutions and stories which have inspired her to write several of her novels. Travelling with her is a priceless luxury.

A journalist specialising in North African countries, the Arab World and Oceania; she has walked more kilometres than she has written words… Or is it the other way around? A very special cicerone to discover these countries.

A writer of different literary genres, she also teaches comparative literature. An expert in orientalism and travel literature, she will travel with us around Iran and Uzbekistan to make of these tours unique experiences.

A traveller and documentary photographer that draws attention to social inequalities from an anthropological point of view. Nuria comes with us on our tours to Cuba and provides, through her own lens, that social perspective that is never forgotten.

A photographer and film director interested in showing unusual realities of women around the world. Her in-depth knowledge of Morocco and women’s reality will immerse you in a different reality.

Archaeologist and a lover of her country, Viviana shows us around the south of Italy from a Renaissance perspective.

A journalist specialising in tourism and always on the move. She is a regular contributor to the main travel magazines and has visited over 40 countries. As the former director of the A Coruña Tourism Consortium, Nani has not lost her love for travel; as she puts it “there is no antidote for a nomadic spirit”. She’s always got her suitcase with her ready for the next adventure.

An Argentinian writer and journalist, she specialises in the testimonial genre, short stories and micro-fiction books and is also a novelist. Her stories appear in many anthologies in various languages and have been translated into several languages, lately into Icelandic

An expert on tourism and Singhalese culture, she will transport you to Victorian times with her knowledge and eagerness for travel.

A teacher at the Misho-ryu School of Ikebana. An expert on protocol and Japanese arts such as the tea ceremony, calligraphy, koto, shodo, etc. One of the founders of the Spanish Ikebana Association. Eiko will transport you to the old Japan with its traditional arts to discover the country through different eyes.

A renowned Spanish chef and culinary writer.


Born in Soviet Armenia, Hasmik is a historian and interpreter. She is passionate about archaeology and Armenian religion, the best cicerone for one of the oldest countries in the world and with a unique religious branch.

An expert in Indian and Sri Lankan art and cultures, travelling with Virginia will provide you with an impressive outlook on these diverse countries.

An archaeologist specialising in Moche art. She has participated in various excavations and is passionate about Pre-Columbian history and cultures. Maritza will take you back to a time when Peruvian culture prevailed in Latin America.


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